What did you like best about Positive Electric?

The following are verbatim customer responses from research that American Ratings Corporation conducted between 12/30/08 and 1/6/09. Customer last names have been initialized for privacy.

"I liked the fast service. They were very thorough and they did a really good job."

"Their scheduling is excellent. They get things done quickly. I have used other electricians in the past and they don't compare."

"They were courteous, knowledgeable, and very professional. They knew what they were doing."

"They were very courteous, considerate, and clean. They were prompt and they did a nice job."

"Their service was great. I was in a jam and needed the work done really quickly. They dropped everything and helped me out. I was very satisfied with everything."

"Their prompt service and courteous workers"

"I like that they do the job right. I manage apartments and they always do a great job."

"I have used them many times. I liked the quality of their work. They were always on time. They did everything right. They were just terrific. I have some more work that I need done. I will definitely call them again."
--Pat A.

"I liked their responsiveness and the quality of their work. I also liked that they were local. They had reasonable prices. I would definitely use them again. I was very satisfied with everything."
--Kathy A.

"They were on time and they did what they needed to do."
--Lou A.

"I felt that they provided a quality and professional service. They were a very nice bunch of guys. One time, when Todd came out to do a job, I was in a wheelchair. He even helped me put up my Christmas lights. That just showed me what kind of company I was doing business with."
--Kathryn A.

"I liked the people. They were so friendly. They got the job done quickly."
--Frita B.

"I remember that they were very relaxed and they did a very thorough job. They paid attention to details."
--Daniel B.

"Nick does great work. He is coming back out soon to do another job for me."
--Doris C.

"The effectiveness and quickness of the service, they did a really good job."
--Jennifer C.

"Their availability, professionalism, and the fact that I never have to call them back out"
--Marge C.

"He was on time and very knowledgeable."
--Robert C.

"When I called for a free estimate, they came right out. I called another company and they kept me on the phone for fifteen minutes, only to tell me that it would cost seventy dollars. I liked the fact that they were honest with me."
--Lisa D.

"They explained everything in great detail. They showed me exactly what they were doing."
--Howard D.

"I thought that he got out here fast and did a great job."
--David F.

"They were very professional, friendly, and honest. I thought they did a great job."
--Nancy G.

"They simply do good work. I just call them and they come out. I can trust them to always do a good job."
--Phylis G.

"I have used them many times. I like that they can usually come out the same day and take care of what I need."
--Paul G.

"The job was completed in a timely fashion. My husband and I were so impressed that we offered a tip to the guy who came out, but he politely refused."
--Alfred G.

"They were fast and thorough. I didn't have to call them back for work that was not done."
--Dennis G.

"We were able to get an appointment quickly. They were clean, friendly, and competent."
--Michael G.

"Their work is always clean. They do a nice job. I think they have good pricing. The workers are courteous and very reliable."
--Grant H.

"They do what they say. Their pricing is reasonable."
--Jocelyn J.

"They're courteous. They do a good job."
--Connie J.

"Quick response"
--Barbara J.

"They came on time and they fixed what needed to be fixed."
--Amy K.

"They were very prompt."
--Jaylene L.

"They came out when they said they would and they got right on the job. They did great work. They were at the top of the line."
--Bess M.

"The guy was nice and truthful. He did what he said he would do."
--Pam M.

"They were on time and they did a good job. The workers were really nice and friendly."
--Liana M.

"They were on time and the price was reasonable. It was just good all around."
--Ralph N.

"They come when they say they will and they always do a good job. I have used them on several occasions."
--Barbara N.

"They were professional and on time."
--Anne N.

"They did a good job and they were accommodating."
--Frances N.

"The guy came out and fixed the porch light."
--Ana M.

"They were professional and courteous. They really did a great job."
--Marvin O.

"They were great. They were on time and very professional. They were off the scale as far as doing a good job. They even made recommendations that would make things safer. I will definitely call them again."
--Valerie P.

"Customer service, the guy listened to what I had to say."
--Keith P.

"They were good at what they did."
--Irene P.

"They did the work that they said they would do. They were efficient. The guy was really nice and he kept to the estimate."
--Ciaran P.

"I liked their sensitivity and the way they listened."
--Maureen P.

"They were easy to talk to and they did what I asked them to do."
--Gina R.

"They installed my fan. They were very efficient and well behaved. I know that sounds funny, but they were very courteous."
--Mary R.

"I would definitely call them again. They were friendly, prompt, and they got the job done. They were such a nice bunch of guys."
--Eleonore R.

"The workers were extremely pleasant. They were prompt and very professional."
--Patricia R.

"How quickly they responded, the work was great."
--Tom R.

"Their attention to detail, they are there when I need them. They have competitive prices. I have been using them for many years."
--Dennis R.

"They knew exactly what to do and they did a good job."
--Hubert S.

"I found them to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with."
--Ben S.

"They were prompt and very professional. We used them to put in an electric fireplace. They did a great job."
--Rose S.

"I thought they were personal and professional. I also thought they went beyond what was normal to make sure the job was done correctly."
--Patty T.

"They knew what to do. Nick really gave me good advice as far as picking out the lighting for my kitchen. I bought what he suggested and I am very happy with it. He is really good at what he does."
--Terry T.

"They are very thorough and good at what they do. They do exactly what they say they will do. They do not hit you with any extras."
--Jan V.

"I liked the people. They were very thorough. They did just what they said they would do. They were very quick. I was very satisfied."
--Betty W.

"The personalities of the workers, and the quality of the work was great. They were very focused on the job."
--Gerri W.

"They were very professional and courteous. I liked the quality of the work."
--Karen X.

"The service is good."

"Their professionalism and the quality of the work"

"They were prompt and they fixed the problem. I was very satisfied with the work."

"The work was very organized and professional."

"Their diligence and their persistence, we kept blowing a circuit, but we couldn't find the source of the problem. After coming out three times to locate the problem, they figured it out. They determined that it was a wire from outside that was causing the problem."
--Laura B.

"They did the job in a timely manner. They did good work and they were in and out."
--Eddie D.

--Chris F.

"Having the ability to talk to the owner on a personal level"
--Dave G.

"They're very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable."
--Cynthia H.

"They were clean and easy to work with. They knew what they were doing. They were very thorough."
--Amy H.

"They were pretty knowledgeable and nice."
--Zhiyu J.

"All of the workers are polite, very well dressed, and very informative."
--Alex K.

"The customer service, they were helpful and friendly."
--Susan M.

"They worked hard to get the job done quickly. They did high quality work. The guys were very professional and friendly. They explained things well."
--Jeremy M.

"They do good work."
--George S.

"They were on time and they did the job quickly."
--Nancy S.

"They were very prompt and they did the work right."
--Jackie S.

"He was honest."
--Liz S.

"They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They were very responsive to my inquiries. They were on time and predictable. I thought they were very careful about telling me my options. They stayed within their quote."
--Trish S.

"They were responsive. They came out quickly and they worked efficiently."
--Adam T.

"They were very personable."

"They were friendly and professional."

"Well, from what I remember, they were very prompt and thorough."
--Betty C.

"They were punctual. They didn't have to come back. They were very versatile. They could do all sorts of work."
--Steve H.

"They got out here quickly."
--Jennifer H.

"They were quick and friendly. Everything works fine."
--Douglas O.

"They were local, very responsive, and polite."
--Gina P.

"They responded quickly and they were professional."
--Craig R.

"Their availability, they were very conscientious."
--Tetsu S.

"I like the people. They're very knowledgeable."
--David W.

"They were prompt and responsive."
--Jason D.

"They came out on time. They were very prompt and businesslike."
--Diane M.

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